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Info-Charge is a free, web-based, multi-purpose assessment and survey application. In order to promote academic sharing, it is protected by the GNU General Public License. Although Info-Charge was originally developed to meet assessment needs of university libraries, it is clear that it can be used for many other applications.

Basically, Info-Charge consists of a database of questions and user responses to these questions. The usefulness of Info-Charge is two fold: its data gathering capabilities, and its data manipulation capabilities for producing comprehensive summary statistics on all or subsets of user supplied data.

The development team will gladly work with your system administrator to quickly install Info-Charge on your institution's web server. Try out the Info-Charge tutorial at the following location:

Support is offered in one of two ways:
1) browsing the information supplied in the manual or 2) contacting the primary developer directly. The development team welcomes your questions and comments. If at anytime you have questions which are not answered in the manual, email Neil Adcox directly.
This project is built on the concept of academic sharing. We invite you to modify the application in any way as long as any distributions of the modified application remain protected by the General Public License (GPL). In general, GPL ensures that this project remains Open Source and free of charge. The developer also asks that you send all of your modifications back to the development team. Modifications will be made available, with appropriate acknowlegements, to ensure that everyone benifits from improvements.

The following items are available for download:
  1. Comprehensive Manual
    Word | PDF
  2. Poster
    American Library Association Annual Conference, 2001
    San Francisco
  3. Info-Charge

Neil J. Adcox
Primary Developer

Robert W. Fernekes, Ph.D.
Project Director

Sonya Shepherd
Project Tester/Consultant
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